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Municipal Client Profile

Collins Park WTP 20 Year Plan Toledo, OH 2010
Akron Water Plant Heating Conversion Toledo, OH 2010
City of Toledo Grit Facility Toledo, OH 2010
City of Toledo Stock Room I-61A Toledo, OH 2010
Burlington Air Express Toledo, OH 2010
Bayview WWTP Lab-Training Facility I-60A Toledo, OH 2010
TWI Sewer Separation and Inflow Red Toledo, OH 2010
Ash-Columbus CSO Storage Pipeline Toledo, OH 2010
Collins Park WTP Photo Voltaic System Toledo, OH 2009
Bayview WWTP Blower Building Toledo, OH 2009
Ayers/Monroe St. Storage Pipeline Toledo, OH 2009
Collins Park High Service Pump Station Toledo, OH 2009
WWTP Ballasted Floc Performance Testing Toledo, OH 2008
Windermere Pump Station Toledo, OH 2008
Census Bureau (ELCO) Toledo, OH 2008
Bayview WWTP Peterson Ditch II Toledo, OH 2008
Bayview WWTP Chemical Feed Building Toledo, OH 2008
Collins Park WTP C02 Storage Toledo, OH 2008
Henry County Airport Terminal Building Napoleon, OH 2007
Perrysburg Police Station Perrysburg, OH 2007
Final Effluent PS Controls Integration Toledo, OH 2007
Reynolds Area Pump Station Toledo, OH 2007
Dover Air Base - Fire Protection Dover, DE 2006
Groton Naval Base - Groton Gas Compressor Groton, CT 2006
GIS - Toledo City Water Project Toledo, OH 2006
Bayview WWTP Plant Water Project - 154 Toledo, OH 2006
Toledo Express Airport Expansion, Phase 2 Toledo, OH 2006
City of Toledo Impound Lot Toledo, OH 2005
Lucas County Corrections Facility - Laundry Toledo, OH 2005
Toledo Express Airport Expansion Toledo, OH 2005
Water Atlas Conversion Svcs Toledo, OH 2005
Edgdwater - 290th Controls Package Toledo, OH 2004
City of Toledo Fire Station #25 Toledo, OH 2004
Ballasted Flocculation Facility Toledo, OH 2004
Bayview WWTP Boiler Replacement Toledo, OH 2004
Bayview WWTP Grit Tank Facility Toledo, OH 2004
Bayview WWTP Final Tank 13 Toledo, OH 2004
Bayview WWTP EQ Basin Dewatering Station Toledo, OH 2005
Collins Park Perimeter Security Fence Toledo, OH 2004
Goegraphic Information System Implementation Toledo, OH 2003
High Service Building Security System Toledo, OH 2003
Erie Street Market Toledo, OH 2003
290th Street Pump Station Toledo, OH 2003
Edgewater Pump Station Toledo, OH 2003
City of Toledo Fire Station #14 Toledo, OH 2003



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